Erica Wheadon

Hi. I’m Erica. I’m a serial blog-starter, recovering creative, gin-drinker and full time Scorpio.

I also have a passion for good wine, dark chocolate, great conversation, and exploring the depths of the universe. I will forget your name but vividly remember the way you made me feel. I shoot in black and white but dream in colour. Music flows through my veins – and I am passionate about the transformational and vibrational qualities of harmony singing.

I speak (and write) voraciously about self-kindness, and value loyalty above all else. Highly sensitive, and despite being hurt time, and time (and time) again, still insist on cracking open my heart and showing it, bloodied, bruised and still-beating to the world. Honest – often to a fault, but learning to be more judicious in my responses. Highly sensitive. Empath. Introvert. Astrologically complicated.

Married to the love of my life (something I can say with authority), and fiercely protective of my spirited, creative and beautiful 17 year old daughter.

Daydreams of travelling to far distant places, and one day building a lake house or living by the sea

Laughs too easily and cries too hard. Serial playlist-maker. Currently writing my first novel.

Photographer + Musician + Writer.